TheMaryJaneStyle Ep. #34 “HowTo” Perfect Red Lips

TMJS e34 good from TheMaryJaneStyle on Vimeo.

The first step is to outline your lip’s cupid bow with lip pencil in order to avoid making mistakes when applying the lipstick or lip color. Using a red lip pencil, apply a slant line to your cupid bow and then apply another slant line. locate the lowest point of your lower lip and draw a line that follows the curve of your lip. Once the line has been drawn, dot certain parts of your lips to serve as a guide fill in lips.

If you want to make your lips more red, apply a red lipstick on top of your initial lip pencil layer. After you’ve applied your lipstick, you can either keep it matte or go glossy. lip gloss on top of your lipstick as the third and final layer.

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