#8 TMJS HowTo 1930s Nylon+Fascism, A special tax stamp & Americas 1st female orgasm

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Fashion in 1930s was more conservative than that of the optimistic 1920s. 1930s was a return to a more feminine look for ladies. Women’s curves were no longer being de-emphasized and clothes returned to being near the natural waistline.
A lot happened, A few inventions …
The 1930s was the decade of the introduction of bra cup sizing.
Ballpoint Pen—– 1938 Hungary by Laszlo Biró – also called a biro (UK)
BBC Television—– 1932 England first regular TV broadcasts (London)
Electric Razor—– 1931 USA by Jacob Schick
Electron Microscope—– 1933 Germany by Ernst Ruska
Frequency Modulation FM —– 1939 USA by Edwin H Armstrong – sound by radio waves
Helicopter—– 1936 Germany by Heinrich Focke
Jet Engine—– 1930 England by Frank Whittle
Nylon—– 1931 USA by Wallace Corothers – artificial silk
Magnetic Recording—– 1936 USA audio tapes
Photocopier—– 1938 USA by Chester Carlson
Polaroid—– 1932 USA by Edwin Herbert Land
Radar (for Aircraft)—– 1935 Scotland by Robert Watson-Watt
Radio Telescope—– 1932 USA by Karl Jansky
Sticky Tape—– 1930 USA

At the same time there was turmoil …

The height of the Great Depression, more than a quarter million teenagers were living on the road in America, many criss-crossing the country by illegally hopping freight trains.
Shantytowns form consisting of wood and cardboard in the United States. They are often referred to in history as Hoovertowns after President Hoover.
The 30′s were a time when the depression caused by the wall street crash in late 1929 caused the world to undergo a fundamental change in lifestyles , and as part of the change some new radical politics became popular as seen in the rise of Fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism
The 30′s also provided a strange phenomenon never repeated where bank robbers and murderers were thought of as celebrities, just to rob and murder any who got in their way.

“If You Had 1 billion dollars then it would now be worth 12 billion dollars.”

In 1930 the average income per year was $1,970.00 and by 1939 was $1,730.00
In 1930 a gallon of gas was 10 cents and by 1939 was 10 cents
Quality silk lined hat $2.85
Steak 1938 1LB 20 cents ,
New Emerson Bedroom Radio 1938 $9.95
Example of a house for sale1934 Stucco Bungalow Oakland
California . 5 room stucco bungalow , breakfast room , separate garage, delightful location $3,750
Chevrolet 1935 Master DeluxeNew Master De luxe Chevrolet with improved master blue flame engine, pressure steam oiling , cable brakes and shock proof steering $560
1930′s when the airships LZ127 Graf Zeppelin and LZ129 Hindenburg operated regular transatlantic passenger flights between Germany and both North and South America.

Pop culture 1930’s
Weimar period, including cocaine, morphine, and opium. These three drugs were often used in conjunction with risky sex acts. Other drugs used in this period included ether, chloroform, and of course, copious amounts of alcohol.
1930, a many states outlawed marijuana. In 1931, Texas outlawed possession of the drug. The federal government effectively stopped the sale of marijuana in 1937 by enacting a law that required all marijuana to be sold with a special tax stamp. The government refused to issue any stamps, effectively outlawing the legal sale of the drug.
It has been argued that alcohol abuse in this period was even more dangerous to a person’s health, as many bootleggers sold dangerous liquids that were adulterated. It is worth noting, however, that rates of liver cirrhosis declined during this period.
Overall, the use of marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, and heroin declined in America from the period 1920-1950. However, as is true today, more drug users were found on the margins of society. The decline affected the middle class first, and it was not long until the idea of the “loser junkie” formed in the American consciousness.
French administration in Saigon established the Opium Regime. This body allowed each country to have an opium monopoly. The result was that by 1930, Southeast Asia had 6,441 government opium dens that served 272 tons of opium.
heroin was integrated into the new cultural identity of the “hipster” first through the Harlem jazz scene in the 1930s
Abuse of the stimulant amphetamine began during the 1930s, when it was marketed under the name Benzedrine and sold in an over-the-counter inhaler.

The Film Wizard of OZ,
And 1st in film Hedy Lamar’s 1st film role in ecstasy, was Americas 1st female orgasm (in a non-pornographic film)
Gone with the Wind
Action Comics continued to grow and Superman is seen in a comic for the first time
The wearing of Sunglasses became popular in the 30′s
All of this doesn’t explain
the makeup this tutorial shows a original 1930’s almost heroin sheek-esk look I don’t believe they called it heroin sheek at the time with rough high on the cheek bone blending into deep eye shadow in a sexy smoke look rounded shadow on top of the eyelid with color spilling to outside the eye reign shadow under the eye blended into high blush , lips shaped as a bow fuller than the 1920s the top lip must have round heart to bow shape and lower lip full with a touch of emphasis in the center hair at the time was generally rolled in pin curls (not covered in this tutorial) the big bow in the hair replaces a hat a common fashion choice in 1930’s

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